Senior Petcare

Is My Pet a Senior?

Pets aged 7 years or more are considered to be senior pets.

Why Does My Pet Need Senior Testing
  • Disease is more common, but often hidden, in pets over 7 years of age.
  • Many problems do not present symptoms until later stages when your pet becomes seriously ill.
  • Senior testing detects disease before your pet shows symptoms, so we can treat or cure early.
  • Early identification allows for better treatment.
  • Treatment is more effective and less costly when a disease is detected and treated early.
  • Use our senior wellness program to maintain your pet’s health and prevent illness during your pet’s senior years.
Who Should Be Evaluated?
  • All pets 7 years of age or older.
  • Pets with one or more of the following symptoms:
    1. Unusual Behavior
    2. Weight Loss or Weight Gain
    3. Increased Urination
    4. Increased Thirst
    5. Coughing
    6. Vomiting or Diarrhea
    7. Poor Hair Coat
    8. Lethargy
    9. Overall Decline in Condition

We recommend annual senior testing for all senior pets.

What Exactly Is Senior Testing?

Your pet’s senior profile includes:

  • Blood Chemistry Tests (Chem) to look for common hidden ailments of old age including diabetes, liver disease, and kidney failure
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) for a detailed look at blood cells to help diagnose anemia or infection
  • Urinalysis (U/A) to give us information about kidney function and bladder health
  • Thyroid Screen (T4) to diagnose thyroid disease, an especially common disease of senior cats and dogs

Senior Wellness Program Consent Form *Required

Please read the information on the consent form carefully and sign at the bottom if you wish for your pet to participate. You can print out the consent form and bring it with you to your next appointment. If you are a new client, please fill out our new client form, as well.

CVAC Senior Wellness Program Consent Form

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Senior Wellness Questionnaire

If your pet is over 7 years of age, a senior wellness check can help detect any issues associated with aging. We use senior testing to promote early detection and treatment of disease or organ failure so we can maintain your pet’s health and prevent illness during your pet’s senior years. Early detection of disease gives us more effective and less costly treatment options. Senior testing helps establish normal baseline values for your pet’s health, creating a point of comparison for the future.

CVAC Senior Pet Questionnaire

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